As we are all well aware of we are in unprecedented times and dealing with […]

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2021 Fall Individual & Team Registration

Registration for 2021 Fall Flag Football League is NOW OPEN. As we are all well […]

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2021 SFFL Fall Schedule

Below is the schedule for week #1.

Below is the team legend.

All of the games are at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School accept week #1 (THIS Sunday 9/19) .

The games this Sunday will be at:

  1. Jones Field, 60 Martin Street in Acton
  2. Great Hill Field, 211 Main Street in Acton (right behind the South Acton Fire Station)

All players should be at the game field location at least 45 minutes before game time to meet coach and practice.

If you missed the clinic last Sunday, make sure to check in at the front desk at Jones Field 60 minutes before game time (7:30 AM for 8:15 AM games). They will pickup your flag belt and flags. Your coach will have their game shirt.

If you do not know your son and/or daughter does NOT know their assigned team, please email sudburyflagfootballleague@gmail.com. The heading of your email should say MY PLAYER DOES NOT KNOW THEIR TEAM ASSIGNMENT. Someone will email you back with team number (most important), coaches name and NFL team.

We look forward to seeing all of the players on Sunday.


   SFFL Week #1   
  Jones Field 1Jones Field 1Jones Field 1Great Hill Field 4 
8:15 AM 3 x 315 x 62 X 41 X 32 
9:15 AM 9 x 108 X 1215 X 177 X 11 
10:15 AM 13 X 1625 X 2622 X 2314 x 18 
11:15 AM 24 X 2729 X 3021 X 2819 x 20 

Team Legend

1McLaughlinPatriotsDivision 3Ivy League 
2SlatteryChiefsDivision 3Ivy League 
3KielyChargersDivision 3Ivy League 
4JensonSeahawksDivision 3Ivy League 
5Perry/AsencioPackersDivision 3Ivy League 
6HebertVikingsDivision 3Ivy League 
7McLaughlinPatriotsDivision 2ACC 
8HebertChiefsDivision 2ACC 
9KielyChargersDivision 2ACC 
10Vargise/AsencioSeahawksDivision 2ACC 
11WarringtonBearsDivision 2ACC 
12SaulnierBillsDivision 2ACC 
13MazzonePatriotsDivision 2PAC 10 
14PillionChiefsDivision 2PAC 10 
15RutlandChargersDivision 2PAC 10 
16Hochmuth/McCueSeahawksDivision 2PAC 10 
17SawinPackersDivision 2PAC 10 
18ShephardVikingsDivision 2PAC 10 
19MorrisPatriotsDivision 1Big TenEast
20PillionChiefsDivision 1Big TenEast
21HerzigChargersDivision 1Big TenEast
22Rutland/O’DonoghueSeahawksDivision 1Big TenEast
23SawinBearsDivision 1Big TenWest
24SaulnierBillsDivision 1SEC 
25DuffyPatriotsDivision 1Big TenWest
26WalshChiefsDivision 1Big TenWest
27AmorinChargersDivision 1SEC 
28TakleSeahawksDivision 1Big TenWest
29MeehanPackersDivision 1SEC 
30AndersonVikingsDivision 1SEC 
31O’Brien/Marshall/MulveyBearsDivision 3Ivy League 
32Long/HaddadBillsDivision 3Ivy League 

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